Above is the 4 stroke engine. Time to retire as you can see. Compare the smooth movement of our NO stroke engine with the 4 stroke engine.


This new invention has very little CO2 emission; this is because there is a continuous complete combustion, without compression and no strokes. It can run on gasoline and/or any gas or fuel that can burn, even the ones that cannot be used in stroke engines. This engine is very silent because there are no explosions.


Very soon two-stroke engines will be banned in most countries, because they are extremely polluting.
(Two-stroke engines, older vehicles come under scanner)
(FG bans 2-stroke motorbike engines, targets EURO III standard)

This means all engines for scooters and outboard-motorboats need to be replaced soon and cannot be replaced by four-stroke and Diesel engines or electric motors, because they are too heavy in relation to their horsepower output.

Some countries already began banning Diesel engines. Trucks cannot function with a four-stroke engine or electric motor. (Wikipedia – Diesel Exhaust)

Piston engines need compression resulting in an incomplete and dirty combustion, with high CO2 emission. Our newly invented engine has no strokes and no compression, resulting in a complete and clean combustion with almost no CO2.

Electric motors or hydrogen engines are actually not less polluting. Electricity comes from polluting coal power plants or nuclear energy. Shifting location of the pollution is not solving the issue of global warming and air pollution.


6,5 million people around the world die on a yearly basis as a result of pollution from coal power plants. New ones are built to enable to meet the demand of energy. More and more devices run on electricity that is generated by coal power plants, polluting large regions of inhabited areas with fine dust, nitrogen and mercury.


The first claim of our patents covers any potential infringement, since the first claim covers a combustion chamber in combination with two (or more) positive fluid displacement pumps (gear pump, lobe pump and roots-blower).
(Youtube – Three Lobe Roots Pump)
(Wikipedia – Roots Type Supercharger)

Some people wonder how such a simple idea got a patent. As long as there is a novel combination of existing parts and there is no prior art, a patent is issued. Simple inventions are usually the most successful.

Prior art means any publication anywhere in the world. Examiners in the USA, China and Europe all did independently a search and found noting similar and therefore all our patents got issued.


We invented a revolutionary new engine: the “No Stroke® Engine”. The efficiency is 3 times greater compared to regular existing engines, which have only 25% efficiency. (Wikipedia – Engine efficiency) 75% of the energy is lost to friction and movement of pistons.


Patents are issued in the USA, Europe and China. This covers most countries that manufacture or sell products with engines. We spent over $ 100.000 in legal fees to obtain these various patents. We also obtained the trademark “No Stroke”.


Replacement of all two-stroke engines currently used in: outboard motors, scooters, mopeds, jet skies, snowmobiles, leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed trimmers, cross motors, quads, drones and more.

Replacement of all diesel engines currently used in: trucks, boats/(container) ships, (power) generators, buses, cars and more.

Replacement of all four-stroke engines currently used in: motorcycles, cars and more.

New possibilities not possible with current (heavy) engines: new small flying devices able to carry a person, a small engine that can be attached on excising bicycles and more.

Note: the weight of this engine is approximately 10% compared to other engines with the same power output.


The problem with piston engines is that several pistons (4, 6 or 8) go up and down thousands of times per minute. Every time the weight of the piston must accelerate and then stop again, over and over. This is a waste and loss of energy. From every 4 strokes, only one is used for power, therefore 75% of its movement is a waste of energy.

More efficient engines are gas turbines (jet engines and helicopter engines). They use two sets of fan-blades. This energy is approximately 50% efficient; this is twice as much as piston engines. Gas turbine engines can not function in most applications for numerous reasons. (Wikipedia – Turbine)

We stepped up the same principle of the gas turbine engine by changing the fan-blades in two positive displacement pumps (gear pump, lobe pump, roost blower or radial vane pump).

A positive displacement pump is a closed system, no air escapes. Fan-blades are open and thus not efficient, their efficiency is 70%. A gear pump is 98% efficient.

The stone hard facts are that an engine with a positive displacement pump is more efficient than a fan-blade gas turbine engine. Conclusion: this is the most efficient combustion engine ever.


Our patented invention is:
– more efficient
– very powerful
– very clean and no CO2 emission
– silent
– light weighted
– runs on anything combustionable
– cheap to manufacture
– minimal maintenance, lasts forever.

Any out of these 8 reasons alone would be enough to make this invention a huge success.

For more information, please contact us at: info@nostrokeengines.com.